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Code Climate

A simple way to manage your Virtual Box appliances.

(Tested on MacOS but no other platform, if you want to test and correct the code for your platform, it's up to you!)

Install it!

$ gem install virtualman


From command line!

$ virtualman
Please select an action to do with your VM.
1. clone
2. cook
3. ssh
4. add
5. delete
6. bootify
7. exit

Specify your choice

This interactive mode allows you to manage your VM in an easy way. Configure it (as debcribed bellow) and enjoy it! Clone a VM, cook it, access it with ssh, add your VM to your boot sequence (MacOS)... And even more to with your ideas!

Config file

in your home path : (.virtualman.rc.yaml)

- name:             Debian
  snapshot:     ready to clone!
- name:             Gentoo
  snapshot:     almost ready
role_path: http://path/to/your/role/fodler
cookbook_path: http://path/to/your/cookbooks.tar.gz
- devtest
- jenkins
- build_pkg

From your ruby script

Put this in your script (virtual.rb)

require 'virtualman'

puts "List of Vms"

puts "List of running Vms"

#Get the IP of your running VMs (need Guest Additions installed in your VMs)


vms.running?.backup! "/path/to/your/backup/folder"

And enjoy it!

With the manage method, possibilites are endless! Enjoy it!


Be careful with the method VmLister.backup! as it will shutdown your VM and restart it after the export. I needed that to export the appliance, and then in case of failure I can import in any other VirtualBox.. If you have a better option, please let me know :)

To Do

  • Do an automated Config file.
  • Configure a White list (of all VM) for clone.
  • Configure a black list (of all VM) for ssh.
  • Add the possibility to use knife or chef-server
  • Record scripts (with a monkey patch of exec command?)