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Only update wp-cli with every wordpress update

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pierres committed Sep 7, 2019
1 parent 7da1f2f commit 135b0dc83136d3f1809435657451058c0170ee61
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@@ -4,17 +4,17 @@
git config --local "$${GH_NAME}"
git config --local "$${GH_EMAIL}"
curl -so wp-cli
chmod +x wp-cli
git add -A
git commit -m"Update to WordPress $$(php -r 'require "wp-includes/version.php";echo $$wp_version;')"
git remote add origin-push https://$${GH_USER}:$${GH_TOKEN}$${GITHUB_REPOSITORY}.git
git push --set-upstream origin-push master

git ls-files | grep -Ev 'wp-content/object-cache\.php|Makefile|robots\.txt|favicon\.ico|\.git.*' | xargs rm -f
git ls-files | grep -Ev 'wp-content/object-cache\.php|Makefile|robots\.txt|favicon\.ico|\.git.*|wp-cli' | xargs rm -f
find . -type d -empty -delete
curl -s | tar -xz --strip-components=1
curl -so wp-cli
chmod +x wp-cli
git checkout master
if ! git diff-index --quiet HEAD; then ${MAKE} ci-update-commit; fi

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