A Rails 3.x sample app that connects to the Foursquare API
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Foursquare Rails Examples

This is a working Rails application that connects to the Foursquare API using Quimby. The application is live on Heroku at http://foursquare-rails-examples.heroku.com


Register your application

First, you need to register your application. Be sure to set your callback url to something like {MY_APP_ROOT_URL}/session/callback (this could be http://localhost:3000/session/callback).

Then, update config/application.yml with your app_id and app_secret.

Try it!

Launch your server and that's it! You have an application that connected to the Foursquare v2 API.

Have a look at the code

Go check app/controllers/examples_controller.rb


Documentation of Quimby, the Ruby wrapper used in this example application, is available here.

Documentation of Foursquare API is available here.

Fork it!

Want to contribute? Add some examples? That's great! Fork this project and send a pull request :O - I'll add your name to the list of contributors.