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Modular OpenRobots Simulation Engine

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                             OpenRobots Simulator
                        (c) LAAS-CNRS/ONERA 2009-2010 LAAS-CNRS 2011-2012

MORSE (Modular OpenRobots simulation Engine) is a Blender-based robotic simulator.
It is a BSD-licensed project (cf LICENSE).

It is meant to be versatile (simulation of field robotics, indoor robotics, 
multi-robots systems) and allow simulation at different levels (from raw 
cameras to high-level semantics).

The communication with the simulator is middleware independent and (will) rely
on Genom3 for automatic generation of bindings.

I/ Installation

Please read INSTALL.

II/ Documentation

The MORSE documentation is available from the doc/ directory.
It is available as well online, either in HTML or PDF format from the MORSE

You can also subscribe to

III/ How to contribute

Even if the code-base is not stabilized yet, contribution to MORSE are more 
than welcome.

You can contribute new robot models, new sensors, we have a TODO list for the 
Blender game engine itself...

Feel free to subscribe to and ask!

Patches in GIT format are welcome.

IV/ Acknowledgements

The development of MORSE is partially funded by the Foundation RTRA within the
ROSACE project framework, and by DGA <> through
the ACTION <> project.
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