Synthesizer running on STM32F4-Discovery board, using Faust
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STM32F4-Discovery Faust Synthesizer Target

This is an example of running Faust code on the STM32F4-Discovery board. The synthesizer is controlled by the onboard accelerometer and the onboard audio codec is used for output.


  • ChibiOS 2.6.3, must be in ../ChibiOS
  • dfu-util for direct uploading (or other way of uploading)
  • gcc-arm-none-eabi compiler
  • Faust


Build and upload to STM32F4-Discovery board using dfu-util:

make prog

Make sure the MCU is in upload mode by putting a jumper over the BOOT0-VDD pins and pressing the reset button.

The synthesizer is written in the Faust language and is called synth.dsp. The controllable parameters in this example are the absolute acceleration and normalized x, y, and z acceleration. They are now hard-coded on several locations: synth.h, main.c,

The code for controlling the onboard CS43L22 DAC and sending data to it via DMA is based on an implementation by Abhishek.

This Faust target has been developed as part of the development of the Striso, a self-contained battery powered music instrument, and is written by Piers Titus van der Torren. See