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OpenStreetMap Quality Analysis Tools
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OpenStreetMap Quality Analysis Tools

The prerequisite to use the SQL scripts presented in this repository is to install a PostgreSQL / PostGIS database with the Osmosis PgSnapshot Database and import an OSM file into a PostgreSQL schema (See PostGIS OSM Database with Osmosis PgSnapshot Schema). You also need to load and compile the various functions in the sql folder before running analysis.

SQL Functions

  • OQ_01_Analysis_Table_Ways_Topology.sql PostgreSQL Function (_schema, _date_extract) Main Function for Topology Analysis - Adds table ways_topology with Warnings and error flags.
    > SELECT * from public.OQ_01_Analysis_Table_Ways_Topology('myosm_extract_1', '2018_08_27');

  • OQ_01a_Building_Analysis.sql PostgreSQL Function (id, geometry, tags) -- call for each line Determines orthogonal and irregular polygons. Function applied on each row returns the Eval Json result list with metrics about the polygon and the various angles.
    > SELECT id, tags, public.OQ_01a_Building_Analysis(id, linestring, tags) as eval FROM myosm_extract_1.ways WHERE (exist(tags, 'building')) ;

  • OQ_01b_Topology_Intersect_Analysis.sql PostgreSQL Function (_schema) Topological Analysis detects Polygons Intersects.
    > SELECT id, id_b, teval, eval FROM public.OQ_01b_Topology_Intersect_Analysis(_schema);

See Documentation

Type of problems detected

GNU General Public License v3.0

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