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Wifi Zones online map - Data extracted from OSM via Overpass service
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Wifi Zones online map

Online map :

Shows worldwide Free Wifi Hotsposts.

To locate Wifi Spots

Search Panel let's locate towns to see the Wifi points. It is also possible to use the Locate me button to center the map where to our current localisation.

These two actions trigger a query to the Overpass Service. The Hospots Clusters of points are represented by circle and indiviudal Wifi points by a Wifi icon.

Urlhash is provided (ie zoom, lat, lon coordinates). Access to a specific zone is then possible using url.

Technical Notes

It only requires to develop the client side. Hotspots are extracted from the OpenStreetMap database using the Overpass API service.

The geolocate function is triggered from a user request (Locate me button).

Zoom levels are limited to avoid extensive API requests.

Searches using Nominatim

Users make Nominatim Search to locate cities. From this point, the viewport boundaries are calculated at zoom 11 minimum. An Overpass API request is made to extract the Wifi POI's for this bounding box.

Nominatim queries to the Mapquest service.

nominatim-i8n.csv Nominatim Results Translation file have been edited to add the french translation.

Wifi Layer Display Cluster Strategy

The context function in the style_wifi_couche Style applies various rules based on number of points and zoom level. From zoom level 10 to 12, the size of clusters are bigger. From zoom level 13, clusters provide the no. of Wifi points. Wifi icons represent individual points. From level 16, we have to take into account the fact that the POI's icons are added to the Mapnik layer. The size of the icon is increased to facilitate it's localisation. This could be replaced with a circle and larger strokeWidth.

Limit the Vector Layer zoom levels

Parameters such as minZoomLevl and maxZoomLevel are not enough to limit zoom levels with OpenLayers Vector Layer. There are many discussions on this subject and various solutions are proposed. We are using the parameters as below.

  • zoomOffset:10,
  • minZoomLevel: 10,
  • resolutions: [152.87405654907226, 76.4370282714844,38.2185141357422, 19.1092570678711, 9.55462853393555, 4.77731426696777, 2.38865713348389, 1.19432856674194]



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