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UltimateKEYS Keyboard Layout (Windows/Linux)

International US QWERTY layout with AltGr (Right Alt) dead keys via AutoHotkey (Win), MSKLC (Win) and XKB/Xmodmap + .XCompose (Linux). This layout has borrowed some aspects from EurKEY (by Steffen Brüntjen).

Official release :GitHub Release
Testing release :GitHub Testing
Legacy release :GitHub Legacy

Important - Security Warning :

=> Win/Linux :  Only use “BASIC LATIN” characters (codes 32 to 126) for your Windows, Microsoft Live and Linux passwords !
Otherwise, it might be impossible to type any Unicode character higher than “Basic Latin” at the login screen/prompt (due to a different keyboard configuration) ! => ACCOUNT LOCKOUT

=> Win/Linux :  ALWAYS make your system passwords VISIBLE during modification !

Website :

See also :

Releases :

Testing Repository - Additional experimental versions :