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A project based on US-QWERTY and the EurKEY Keyboard Layout (Windows).
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UltimateKEYS -
UltimateKEYS - Keyboard Layout Image - Alternate.png
UltimateKEYS - Keyboard Layout Image.png

UltimateKEYS Keyboard Layout (Windows)

This project is a fork based on US-QWERTY and the EurKEY Keyboard Layout (by Steffen Brüntjen).

Download the latest version here :

Please note :

  • In case you have installed a previous version of UltimateKEYS, you need to uninstall it before, followed by restarting your computer. Then you can continue installing another version.

  • The current version(s) should be sufficiently stable and reliable for everyday use, but are NOT certified for mission-critical systems !

Documentation - Keyboard Layout Image :

Another useful tool for handling '.KLC' files (found in the 'source' folder of the UltimateKEYS package) :

Enjoy and have fun !

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