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Commits on Oct 28, 2008
  1. WIP: Add a html service

    This won't be in for a while, as we don't know what to point the url to :)
  2. Merge commit '9e2618c3ea0e0517e156c3e04b9dba356311f361'

    * commit '9e2618c3ea0e0517e156c3e04b9dba356311f361':
      Reorder project
      CommitView: Allow committing per hunk
Commits on Oct 27, 2008
  1. CommitWebView: Display new files

    This was broken when refactoring the commit code
  2. Add a Complete SHA service

    This adds a service bound to ⌘⇧7 that expands
    any ref to its abbreviated SHA and its subject
    line, much like ⌘C in the commit list does.
Commits on Oct 23, 2008
  1. Site: Fix anchors in seeit page

    Kim Does authored committed
Commits on Oct 21, 2008
  1. Reorder project

  2. WebCommitView: Use a notification to display errors

    This should give GitX some more consistency. Also, it will
    give us a basis to build further changes on.
  3. HTML: Restructure html folder

    This changes the HTML part of GitX to be more consistent -- we
    now use a "views" directory where every web view has it's own
    Furthermore, GitX-wide Javascript is added in the "lib" directory.
    The same is true for CSS in the "css" directory. Every view can
    have its own custom CSS and JS, and those are put in the views
    directory (without JS or CSS prefix directories).
  4. Clean up project

    There were some leftover file entries, so let's
    remove them.
  5. WebCommitView: Fix Gistie code

    After removing the prototype code, the Gistie XMLHTTPRequest would send
    the complete request in the URI, which was often too lang and cause a
    This only sends the request in the body, and also adds additional
  6. Build fix

  7. Merge branch 'pu/pb/diff_window'

    * pu/pb/diff_window:
      Add a diff window
  8. Merge branch 'pu/pb/remove_prototype'

    * pu/pb/remove_prototype:
      HTMLviews: various cleanups
      WebHistoryView: Don't use Prototype
      WebDiffView: Don't use prototype anymore
      WebController: Display JS errors
  9. Project: Move CommitList to 'git' folder

    This is in accordance with the recent tendency to move all objects
    related to a view in that folder (rather than only objects that have an
    actual meaning in the Git context)
  10. Add a diff window

    This allows you to do something like
    	gitx --diff
    to display a diff similar to 'git diff', but with GitX prettification.
    It accepts all git diff parameters, so you can do something like
    	gitx --diff HEAD~10
    to show the diff compared to the last 10 commits. Or, you can something like
    	git diff | gitx
    to pipe anything that produces a diff to GitX
  11. Update releasenotes

  12. Stephen Celis

    HTMLviews: various cleanups

    stephencelis authored committed
  13. Stephen Celis

    WebHistoryView: Don't use Prototype

    stephencelis authored committed
    This removes all dependencies on Prototype in GitX, so we can remove
    the library
  14. WebDiffView: Don't use prototype anymore

    This is the first step to removing Prototype from GitX.
  15. WebController: Display JS errors

    This actually displays error messages, rather than
    notifying that there is an error
  16. Jeff Mesnil

    CommitView: Add a vertical line to the commit message

    jmesnil authored committed
    Since Git recommends to use 50 characters in the first line of a commit
    message, this adds a vertical line to the commit message view to show where
    the 50 char limit is.
    [PB: This preference can be changed using a user default -- for now we don't
    have a preference pane yet, so this is hidden.]
Commits on Oct 19, 2008
  1. CommitView: Don't always display a horizontal scrollbar

    This is based on work from Ben Alpert.
  2. UserManual: Remove leftover files

    We don't need these files anymore, as we can just use the stylesheets
    from the main site.
  3. Merge branch 'pu/pb/fix_toolbar'

    * pu/pb/fix_toolbar:
      PBGitRepositoryWindow: keep toolbar DisplayMode when switching views
  4. Rufus Cable
  5. Merge branch 'pu/js/gravatar'

    * pu/js/gravatar:
      HistoryView: Only show Gravatar if connected to the net
      WebController: Add a message to check whether a site is reachable
      HistoryView: Make the history view prettier
      Added gravatar icons to commit.html (defaults to "wavatar" icons)
  6. HistoryView: Only show Gravatar if connected to the net

    This invokes the SCNetwork framework to check if we can connect to a site
    without problems. If we can't, we don't even try to show the gravatar.
  7. HistoryView: Make the history view prettier

    Kim Does authored committed
    The following things have changed:
    * Moved the gravatar icon to the right
    * Do not load default image for gravatar to speed up loading of history view
    * Changed the notifier
    ** New spinner
    ** New location
    ** Colour coded for success / failure
    * Fonts changed
    * New button replacing "paste" --> "Gistie it"
  8. Jeremy Shoemaker
Commits on Oct 17, 2008
  1. Site: fix links in code context

    Kim Does authored committed
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