Added Refresh button to the commit view toolbar #4

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Added a simple button to the toolbar so that a keyboard shortcut or clicking the menu button

@andrewschleifer andrewschleifer added a commit to andrewschleifer/GitX that referenced this pull request Oct 20, 2012

@andrewschleifer andrewschleifer Update appearance
* Use native split view & widget
* Snap vertical splits at 68px
* Compact commit view panes
* Minimize status bar
* Remove unused classes & images

Closes issue #4

@Sep102 Sep102 pushed a commit to Sep102/gitx that referenced this pull request Aug 8, 2016

@ssp ssp when opening a repository with the gitx command also activate GitX (#4)
The commit 8c15c66 (Open repositories through AppleEvents.)
changed the way the gitx command line tool opens repositories
from NSWorkspace to AppleScript.

It seems that using NSWorkspace is like actually »opening« the
document/repository while the AppleScript implementation is like
the AppleScript »open« command.

This reestablishes the old behaviour by sending an activate command
before opening the document.

@tiennou tiennou referenced this pull request in tiennou/gitx Jan 15, 2017

@claybridges claybridges Merge pull request #4 from ronen/patch-1
Update README to describe this project & link to build instructions.
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