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1 IPv6 Battleships
2 ----------------
4 This is an implementation of Battleships using ICMPv6 ping request/reply commands. It was written as an entry for the IPv6 competition for It was created in a few hours time, so they code is pretty hackish.
6 Every user playing the game will get 100 IPv6 addresses assigned to their interface. When a user hits the other player, they send an ICMP echo request. If the target is part of a ship, it will get replied with an ICMP echo reply. If not, the user will get an ICMP unreachable message. The game has a battlelog which allows you to follow what happens on the networking side.
9 Implementation
10 ==============
12 The networking part is written in Ruby. The interface side is written in Objective-C. The two are tied together using MacRuby, which you will need to have installed to compile and run the program. If you don't have MacRuby, you can download a version of Battleships from the 'downloads' section in Github, which bundles it by default. Note that the application requires root access.
14 The networking code may also run on FreeBSD, but I doubt it. For the interface you'll need at least Mac OS X Snow Leopard on a 64-bit machine (Core 2 or better).
15 Graphics
16 ========
18 The graphics were made by Kim Does <>.
20 Screenshot
21 ==========
23 <img src="">
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