Ansible role to install and configure mattermost-github-integration
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A role that installs and can configure mattermost-github-integration.


An ansible 2.0+ installation.

Role Variables

Available variables are listed below, along with default values (please see defaults/main.yml):

mattermost_github_install_root: '/opt/mattermost-github'

The location where the repository will be checked-out.

mattermost_github_user: mattermost-github

System user to run the service as, will be created if it does not exist

mattermost_github_config_username: "GitHub"

The username that is shown in Mattermost. The "Enable integrations to override usernames" setting (or ServiceSettings.EnablePostUsernameOverride in config.json) must be set to 'true'.

mattermost_github_config_icon_url: ""

The URL to the icon to use for the user in Mattermost. The "Enable integrations to override profile picture icons" (or ServiceSettings.EnablePostIconOverridesetting in config.json) must be 'true'.

mattermost_github_config_secret: "CHANGEME"

The secret to authenticate the sent hooks from GitHub.

mattermost_github_config_show_avatars: True

Whether or not to show the GitHub user's avatar in the messages.

mattermost_github_config_server_hook: '/'

The path where mattermost-github-integration will accept HTTP requests.

mattermost_github_config_server_address: ''

The listen-address for mattermost-github-integration

mattermost_github_config_server_port: 8080

The port on which mattermost-github-integration should listen.

mattermost_github_config_mattermost_webhook_urls: ''

All webhook config as a string, copied verbatim into MATTERMOST_WEBHOOK_URLS.

mattermost_github_config_ignore_actions: ''

All ignored events, is copied verbatim into GITHUB_IGNORE_ACTIONS.

mattermost_github_version: 'master'

The version (or git revision) to check out when installing.

Example Playbook

- hosts: servers
     - role: pieterlexis.mattermost-github
       mattermost_github_config_server_hook: '/hooks/github',
       mattermost_github_config_secret: 'eCWwdkxxue8F0Lkpcd7U9EASYyBLatOl'
       mattermost_github_config_mattermost_webhook_urls: |
         default: None,
         'MyOrg/some-repo': ('', 'github'),
         'MyOrg/second-repo': ('', 'special-channel')
       mattermost_github_config_ignore_actions: |
         "issues": ["label", "assign"]



Author Information

  • Pieter Lexis