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Caddy Net

TCP/UDP server type for Caddy Server

The server type is called net

Proposed Caddyfile

echo :22017 {

proxy :12017 :22017 {

The first server block will listen on port 22017 and echo any traffic back to caller

The second server block will listen on port 12017 and forward traffic to address :22017

Rule: A server block can only echo or proxy, not both.

host directive

The host directive is the hostname/address of the site to serve, and is needed for TLS , especially in cases where the auto TLS feature Let's encrypt is used.


This server type leverage the tls directive from the Caddy server and can be added to the server blocks as needed.


Note: When you start caddy you will need to specify the server type using the -type flag: caddy -type=net


This server type plugin works as intended but is still considered BETA

Note: Because the server type is still in early development the syntax for the Caddyfile might change, but will try to have syntax above backward compatible.

Use cases

Using Caddy To Create A Secure Socket Server


Writing a Plugin: Server Type

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