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Elm Quickstart

Elm, SASS, Gulp (ES6), Javscript synchronized to Elm bootstrap.

What's in the Quickstart

This project contains the elm, npm and Gulp configuration to start developing Elm SPA from scratch.

It comes with the following packages available and configured:

  • Bootstrap is automatically installed via npm and copied to the public/dist/css folder, then it is imported in the index.html.
  • SASS preprocessor is used to compile the assets found in src/styles and minify them to public/dist/css, then included in the index.html.
  • Elm language is supported, compiling all the files found in src/elm, minifying them to public/dist/js, and included in the index.html.

Furthermore, it offers the hook to execute your external Javascript code detecting Elm's bootstrap, using the MutationObserver API. You can find the code in public/index.html, the function is this one:

    var mo = new MutationObserver(function(mutationRecords, instance) {
        // check modifications
        for (var i = 0; i < mutationRecords.length; i += 1) {
            // if new DOM nodes
            if (mutationRecords[i].addedNodes.length > 0) {
                // elm just started!
                console.debug('Hello from the JS, Elm just started rendering!');

Why the need to synchronize Javascript to Elm?

When we where building MaltaJS registration page using Elm, we needed a quick way to run the GoogleMap plugin without messing up with Elm code, being sure that the Elm app had already rendered its HTML.

Since the external plugin doesn't need to exchange data with Elm, a Port looked too complex as a solution.

If you need to run a plugin like GoogleMap or a jQuery plugin, you can use this method to have the modules running on your page completely independent each other, while guaranteeing that Elm will be bootstrapped first.


Ensure you have installed:

  • Node >= 5
  • Npm >= 3
  • Gulp
$ git clone git@github.com:pietro909/elm-quickstart.git
$ npm install
$ gulp build
$ npm start

Open localhost:8000 with your browser.

Where is the code

Elm sources are to be placed under src/elm.

SASS sources are located in src/styles.

The Gulp's configuration files are into gulp/ folder.


I strongly thank my colleague Andrei Toma for helping me with Gulp configuration, and the whole Elm community on Slack: they always welcome newbies and are happy to help!