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# The number of proxies Fisher sits behind. This is used to correctly parse the
# X-Forwarded-For HTTP header in order to retrieve the correct origin IP. If
# this value is zero, the header is ignored, otherwise it must be present with
# the correct number of entries to avoid requests being rejected.
behind-proxies = 0
# The network address Fisher will listen on. By default, only requests coming
# from the local machine are accepted (thus requiring a reverse proxy in front
# of the instance). If you want to expose Fisher directly on the Internet you
# should change the IP address to ``.
bind = ""
# If this is set to false, the `/health` HTTP endpoint (used to monitor the
# instance) is disabled. Disable this if you don't need monitoring and you
# don't want the data to be publicly accessible.
health-endpoint = true
# Rate limit for failed requests (allowed requests / time period). The rate
# limit only applies to webhooks that failed validation, so it doesn't impact
# legit requests (while keeping brute force attempts away).
rate-limit = "10/1m"
# The directory containing all the scripts Fisher will use. Scripts needs to be
# executable in order to be called.
path = "/srv/fisher-scripts"
# If this is set to true, scripts in subdirectories of `scripts.path` will also
# be loaded, including from symlinks (be sure to check permissions before
# changing this option).
recursive = false
# Maximum number of parallel jobs to run.
threads = 1
# Extra environment variables provided to the scripts Fisher starts. Since the
# outside environment is filtered, this is the place to add every variable you
# want to have available.
#TEST_VAR = "content"
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