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This plugin allows you to minify the build artifacts of your Lektor project during the build process, without any additional tool. It currently supports minifying HTML, CSS and JS files.

The plugin only minifies the files changed during the last build, avoiding slowing down the build if your project consists of a lot of files. Internally it uses the django_htmlmin, rcssmin and rjsmin libraries, and it's released under the MIT license.

Supported Lektor releases: 2.3, 3.0


If you want to use lektor-minify in your project, you can to execute the following command in your Lektor project folder:

$ lektor plugins add lektor-minify

After you did that, it's good to clear the build cache: the plugin only minifies changed files, so clearing the cache ensures all the assets are minified:

$ lektor clean --yes


This plugin isn't enabled by default: you need to provide the minify flag to the build (or server) command if you want to minify the build artifacts:

$ lektor build -f minify
$ lektor server -f minify

If you need to minify only some kind of artifacts, you can tell which ones you want to minify by providing their kinds as a comma-separated list in the flag:

$ lektor build -f minify:html
$ lektor build -f minify:html,css,js

Keep in mind only artifacts built with the flag will be minified: if you execute other builds without the flag there might be some unminified files!

Jinja2 filter

The plugin also provides the minify filter, ready to be used in your templates. The filter is useful, for example, if you need to include in the page external assets, and you want them to be minified as well.

You can use the filter by piping the content into it, and providing the type of the content as argument:

{{ this.extra_style | minify("css") }}

If you need to apply the filter to a block of code, you can also use the filter block Jinja2 provides:

    {% filter minify("css") %}
        body {
            color: #fff;
    {% endfilter %}

The filter will work even if the minify flag is not provided during the build.


Some basic tests are available for the project. If you want to run them clone the repository, install Lektor and run:

make test
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