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travis-ci.org to travis-ci.com migrator

⚠️⚠️   It's not possible to migrate repositories back to travis-ci.org   ⚠️⚠️

travis-migrate is a tool that automatically migrates repositories or whole accounts/organizations from travis-ci.org to travis-ci.com, while trying to preserve as much data and settings as possible. It was built by the Rust Infrastructure team to migrate all the repositories in our organizations.

In addition to the migration steps performed by Travis itself, the tool:

  • Migrates all the cron jobs configured in the repository
  • Migrates the required status checks in the repository's protected branches

You need Rust 1.31.0 or greater in order to use this tool. Made by Pietro Albini and released under the MIT license.

When the tool was written the Migration API was limited to beta testers. If you can't access it you need to contact Travis Support and ask them to enable it on the users/organizations you want to migrate.

API authentication keys

The tool needs the following API keys:

  • GITHUB_TOKEN: a personal access token of a GitHub account that has full admin access to all the repositories
  • TRAVIS_TOKEN_ORG: the travis-ci.org API key of the account you want to use to perform the migration
  • TRAVIS_TOKEN_COM: the travis-ci.com API key of the account you want to use to perform the migration

If you have the Travis CLI installed you can omit the Travis environment variables, since the tool will call the CLI to fetch the tokens automatically. Also note not all the subcommands require all the environment variables to be present (listing repositories available to migrate only requires TRAVIS_TOKEN_PRO).


You can list all the repositories that can be migrated in an account/organization with:

$ cargo run list rust-lang

You can migrate a single repository with:

$ cargo run migrate-repo rust-lang/rust

You can migrate all the repositories in an account/organization with:

$ cargo run migrate-account rust-lang

You can also exclude some repositories while migrating a whole account/organization:

$ cargo run migrate-account rust-lang --exclude rust-lang/rust --exclude rust-lang/cargo

Before you migrate you need to have the Travis CI GitHub app installed on your account, and you need to give it access to the repositories you want to migrate.