Whistle Blower Interview Project Archive, website. made re-using code from www.autoedit.io, mostly backbone and node.
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WIP website

Whistle Blower interview project website.

is using a modified version of the demo version of the autoEdit github page.

To generate the demo page

npm run make_js

and then to move it into the docs folder for github pages

npm run make_demo

This copies the content of './nwjs' in './docs' so that it can run as standalone static html site using github pages, without the need for backend (faster loadtime).

To add a new video

To add new video of interviews with transcription:

  • To generate the video transcription json, use autoEdit, and in export options chose Json.
  • Also export the video webm preview or make mp4 video preview using miro converter
  • Modify the json to add url to where you are hosting the video. videoOgg
  • also add an audio file audioFile
  • add thumnail image in json + link to where you hosting image. using as key thumbnail
  • add vimeo id to json. eg if url is https://vimeo.com/128977725 then the id is 128977725.
  • modify the ./nwjs/demo_transcription.json file and add it to the array.


It's a backbone app, so in theory it could even connect to a server side app, eg in rails or other framework, that could serve the content to it.

To do

  • modify welcome page //add trailer
  • modify index page
  • modify show page
  • Add contact page
  • change id for transcript/interview URL so that it can persist, eg don't use CID but use ID instead.
  • change so that the video files are mp4 made with miro converter