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Why and how to contribute to the iOS app directory on

Why contribute?

There are many reasons you might be interested to contribute. Maybe you have spotted an error, maybe some URLs are not valid anymore, maybe you know of an app that supports URLs and it is not part of this documentation effort yet.

No matter your motivation, your contribution is much appreciated! 🙇

How to contribute

The repository for this site can be found at and that is where you will have create a Pull Request with your changes.

The documentation you can see here is all found in .json files in /data/apps. Each app has it's own file that has some basic information about the app plus all of its actions.

Where to start

There are multiple ways for you to see how to add a new app or change something in an existing one.

  • You can take a look at the already existing examples in /data/apps/ and go from there.
  • A good starting point for a new app is /data/app-template.json. It has all the possible fields.
  • A more formal description of the structure of the .json files is the schema which can be found in /src/schema/app.js.

Good to know

  • The identifier inside the info object should be all lowercase with dashes -. It should also not start with a number since it will be used as an id in the html.
  • If you want to add an app icon (for example to a newly created app):
    • Add it inside of /data/icons/ and give it the same name as the identifier.
    • It should be 512x512 pixels.
    • It should have rounded corners (it should look like an app icon after all).
    • You can use this shortuct(on iOS) to get the app icon from an app.