A web based wizard for creating the XML metadata required by DataCite when registering a data DOI.
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Note that this is an unfinished prototype that may never be completed. It may still be useful creating the metadata XML file required for registering a data DOI with DataCite http://datacite.org. This tool does not send any data to DataCite.


  • Django 1.5
  • SQLite 3


  • cd datadoi
  • Now generate a SECRET_KEY at http://www.miniwebtool.com/django-secret-key-generator/ or elsewhere and change it in datadoi/settings.py.
  • ./manage.py syncdb ## This will ask you to set a name and password for an admin user. You will need these credentials later on!
  • ./manage.py runserver ## Or, if this Django app should be accessible to everyone on your network, say ./manage.py runserver


  • Open in a web browser.
  • Click “Register a new dataset” and enter the credentials you set in the syncdb step.
  • Click the “+ Add” beside “Resources: Enter new datasets here”.
  • Fill in the forms, and click “Save”!
  • To download or preview the XML you generated, visit

Christian Pietsch