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Documentation for CrossRef's REST API.

How to us this repository

This is a simple documentation repo. The following files can help you navigate CrossRef's API:

  • CrossRef REST API. This is the main file.
  • - CrossRef API Koans. These are basic questions with their answers about how to use the API.
  • - These short examples show how the CrossRef REST APIs can be used to provide CrossPublisher suport for TDM applications. This demonstration is a bit of a paradox- it is targeted at a non-technical audience who wants to understand a little but about the technical infrastructure that researchers can leverage for TDM applications.
  • - A Guide to Making Ad hoc XML Deposits Using CrossRef's Manual XML Deposit Interface
  • - Archive Arrangement Query API
  • - CrossRef RESTful Deposit API
  • - Resource Intended Use Hints Through CrossRef Metadata
  • - Content "Syndication" through CrossRef Metadata

Example XML queries can be found in the example/ folder.

Key Perfomance Indicators

This documentation has moved. Please click here to get to the new location. The canonical URL for this documentation is . Please update your bookmarks.

CrossRef metadata best practice to support key performance indicators (KPIs) for funding agencies is still available at


Documentation for CrossRef's REST API



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