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DataCite Schema Repository

This repository holds the official metadata schemas from DataCite as required by the DataCite Metadata Store.

It contains the schemas itself along with examples and documentation. There is also a small maven project to test the schemas for consistency.


Each schema has its own folder under /www/meta e.g. /www/meta/kernel-2.0/. This directory is allowed to contain only one xsd. The directory structure is as follow:

/www/meta/{schema-name}/{filename}.xsd   root xsd
/www/meta/{schema-name}/include/         referenced xsd's
/www/meta/{schema-name}/example/         example xml files
/www/meta/{schema-name}/doc/             documentation (pdf's)

The /www directory will be published (as root) at, e.g.


There are tests to check the directory structure, existence of examples, validity of the schemas, and validity of the examples.

You can execute the tests via

mvn test