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Moon Cheeser is an infinite runner where the player plays as a mouse gathering cheese pieces and avoiding craters and other astronomical objects, such as comets and planets, on a moon made of cheese.
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Moon Cheeser

Moon Cheeser

What would be like if the Moon was made of cheese and mice were the dominant especicies regarding space exploration...

Moon Cheeser tries to answear that smart inquiry by putting you into the role of an Astromouse exploring a Moon made of cheese in the outer space.

The ichio's bundle

Available on

By acquiring the game through, you will get access to the Indiedev's Bundle, a pack of editable assets with:

  • The .svg editable files to allow customization of the assets. Open them with Inkscape
  • The .mmpz files for the sound effects and the background music, with mixing techniques and audio analysis. This can be opened with LMMS.
  • The .blend files used for animating the the Comets and the Stars. This can be opened with Blender.
  • The .aup project used for the background music with all tracks separed. This can be opened with Audacity.
  • The .xcg files with all the composition for promo images so you can understand how to take a raw image and make it really pop on the screen. Open them with GIMP.


  • Achievement System with rewards
  • Custom physics
  • Ability to control the gravity of the Moon
  • Fast paced gameplay
  • Low attention spam
  • Highscoring
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