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1 parent f549c1f commit 9e25c3d488db4c4191e742fd06690ad93d7f4eaf @pigeonflight committed Mar 3, 2013
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@@ -132,4 +132,3 @@ Solution: remove the know_hosts file, this can be done using the following comma
rm ~/.ssh/known_hosts
@@ -8,6 +8,8 @@ alias ll='ls -alF'
alias ls='ls --color=auto -F'
alias plonebuild='dotcloud run www sh current/bin/cloudbuildout'
alias plonedevbuild='dotcloud run www sh current/bin/'
+alias plonedebugon='dotcloud run www sh current/bin/debug_on'
+alias plonedebugoff='dotcloud run www sh current/bin/debug_off'
alias plonecfg='dotcloud run www vi current/buildout.cfg'
alias plonerestart='dotcloud run www supervisorctl restart plone'
alias plonerestartall='dotcloud run www supervisorctl restart all'

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