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A web based bookmarks archive
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QStode is a web application that allows registered users to store bookmarks (like the good old categorized by tags.

At the moment social functions (for example the subscription to other users bookmark feed) are missing.

Project status

QStode is mostly usable (read: it's beta) even if it still lacks some features and many things could be improved.

Things to note:

  • the search engine feature is still experimental mostly because it should really use a task queue (i.e. Celery) to handle all the write operations on the index; at the moment I'm using Whoosh AsyncWriter that relies on threads and is not suitable for high work loads.

  • a MySQL database is suggested; PostgreSQL support is experimental/incomplete.


Documentation is available on ReadTheDocs.


  • Python 2.6 or 2.7
  • a WSGI server: gunicorn, uwsgi, etc.
  • a web server with reverse proxy support

The suggested setup involves the use of a virtual environment created with virtualenv.

NOTE: You can also run QStode with the built in http server, but it's not suitable for the open internet!


QStode is written and maintained by Daniel Kertesz


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