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Minimal arduino wav player
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Version française / French version


This tutorial shows how to execute a .wav file from an SD memory card.
The. wav file is a sound file extension of the RIFF (Resource Interchange File Format) specifications from Microsoft.
It is simpler to be executed, once this file is basically digitized sound samples, unlike other compressed formats, such as .mp3 files for example.

This Primitive wav file player only read : Wav Unsigned 8-bit PCM file and track will stopped if saturation occurs (has it won't differentiate it from an end of file for some reason)

This tutorial is based on the tutorial by Garagelab.

Project link


If you want to make a real mp3 player , use a DFPlayer Mini instead
This is just a proof of concept.

  • Download
  • Copy wavPlayer inside Arduino SketchBook (Documents/Arduino)
  • In tools , select : Arduino Pro Mini / 3V 8Mhz
  • Upload code with FTDI cable


  • Micro sd card 2go : 4€
  • Batteries holder 4AAA on/off : 1€
  • Arduino mini pro 3.3V : 1,50€
  • Audio jack dip : 2€
  • Total : 8.50€


  • ftdi 3V/5V programmer

Software needed:

Estimate cost : 8.50€ (batteries not included)

Create wav file

  • Open MP3 with Audacity
  • Below -> Project Rate (Hz) : 8000
  • Tracks -> Stereo Track to Mono
  • Tracks -> Resample : 8000hz
  • File/Export Audio
  • Save as type: Other uncompressed files
  • Header: Wav (Microsoft)
  • Encoding : Unsigned 8_bit PCM
  • Save to 0.wav on root of sdcard


Wiring GPS

SD card

1 --> X
2 --> 12
3 --> GND
4 --> 13
5 --> VCC
6 --> GND
7 --> 11
8 --> 10 (Chip select)

Headphone / Speaker

Left/Right ---> 6


prev button --> 7
next button --> 8
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