Modular, extensible open-source ecommerce solution for Ruby on Rails. No longer under development.

Piggybak Gem (Engine)

Modular / mountable ecommerce gem. Features:

  • Configurable tax methods, shipping methods, payment methods

  • One page checkout, with AJAX for shipping and tax calculations

  • Order processing completed in transaction, minimizing orphan data created

  • Fully defined backend RailsAdmin interface for adding orders on the backend

  • Piggybak 0.7.1 is compatible with Rails 4.1, 0.7.0 is compatible with Rails 4, and earlier version compatible with Rails 3.


  • Variants were recently changed to sellables, to provide the opportunity for advanced variant support via an extension.

  • Significant recent rearchitecture has been applied to the order line items. Stay tuned for the documentation.

  • Review the new installation process below.


  • First create a new rails project: rails new webstore

  • Config your database.yml and create the databases

  • Add to Gemfile:

      gem "piggybak"
  • Next, run bundle install:

      bundle install
  • Next, run the piggybak install command:

      bundle exec piggybak install
  • Add piggybak/piggybak-application to your main application.js:

     //= require piggybak/piggybak-application

See the raw documentation to read more about the integration points and product configuration in Piggybak.


  • Ensure that changes in nested addresses are recorded on order notes.


Copyright (c) 2014 End Point & Steph Skardal. See LICENSE for further details.