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== link:index.html[Index] -> link:other.html[Other information]
The link:[Cherokee Project] has a
strong and active
link:[Community]. We are
on social media, mailing lists, blogs, planets, IRC channels,
celebrate periodic summits, and so on, so it is really simple to
discuss about the project and look for help.
Social Media
Follow link:[Cherokee on Twitter].
Join link:[Cherokee on
Mailing Lists
The documentation for the latest stable release is always available at
the link:[Cherokee Project] site.
If you cannot find what you are looking for in there, you can always
go to the official mailing lists. Post your questions there. Usually
the people hanging around will be happy to help.
Keep in mind that, as a sign of politeness towards the rest of the
readers, you should first check if the solution to your
problem is present in the archives. This will prevent duplicated
entries and will probably give you an answer a lot faster.
These are the lists currently in existence:
- link:[General list]
- link:[Development list]
- link:[GIT Reports]
#cherokee IRC channel
Join us at the link:irc://[#cherokee IRC
channel]. Many of our members and core-deveolpers are always hanging
around, so after the mailing lists it is the second best place to look
for answers and help.
Multi-language forums are available at the
link:[Cherokee-Project] site.
The Cherokee Planet
Planets are a powerful tool to know what the developers of a project
are up to. link:[Planet Cherokee]
will let you follow what our deveolpers and contributors are doing
with their time. It might not always be related to the Cherokee
Project, but it is guaranteed to be interesting stuff.
The Cherokee Blog
The project has its own
link:[blog]. It is a great place to
look for information about out latest developments.
Bug Tracker
Your feedback is very important to us. That is why we encourage you to
log bug reports and Request for Enhancements in our
link:[bug tracker] whenever you find
something that you think is suitable for improvement.
Third party resources
Besides the Cherokee Project mailing lists, there are some other third
party resources that may be of your interest.
* link:[Cherokee at Ohloh]: metrics and
analysis on the Cherokee project.
* IRC Channel: link:irc://[#cherokee] on
* link:[Cherokee at Twitter]:
microblogging about Cherokee.
More resources:
* How to cross-compile
link:[Cherokee for
Elphel] network cameras.
* link:[Munin
Plugin] for plotting the web server.
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