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I run my electronics on Sanyo Eneloop rechargeable batteries. The batteries are charged with a PowerEx MH-C9000 charger.

aa.csv and aaa.csv are databases of my AA and AAA batteries, respectively. Each battery is labeled, and I track the date I purchased the battery, the current capacity, the date on which the battery was last charged, and the date on which the battery was last ran through the MH-C9000's refresh and analyze (R/A) mode. Tracking this information in git allows me to build up a historical record of an individual battery's performance.

The databases are tab-delimited CSV files. Fields are separated by multiple tabs so that the files are more pleasant to view in a text editor. If a graphical spreadsheet program is used, the program should be told to merge delimiters for viewing. The files can be also be simply viewed on the command-line.

$ column -t aa.csv | less -NS -#2

Charge / Discharge Rates

Eneloop AA batteries have a listed capacity (C) of 2000 mAh. Eneloop AAA batteries have a listed capacity (C) of 800 mAh.

Maha / PowerEx recommends charging batteries at 0.5C and discharging at 0.25C. I've begun to charge AA batteries at 0.3C which seems to result in a higher capacity with no ill effects.


Charge: 600 mA Discharge: 500 mA


Charge: 400 mA Discharge: 200 mA