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An experiment in geolocation.
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Django Locater

Django Locater is an experiment in geolocation.

A database is populated with locations. The user enters his location and a search radius. He is given a list of locations within his search criteria, sorted by distance. The locations are both plotted on a Google Map and printed as an ordered list.


  1. Put the locater directory somewhere in your Python path (like inside your Django project folder).
  2. Add locater to your settings.INSTALLED_APPS.


  • geopy does all the heavy lifting.


If you use Django Locator, I'd be interested to hear any feedback you might have. Contact me via email.

A Word to the Wise

This code is just a proof-of-concept. It has never been used in a production environment. So, in the words of Mystikal, "Watch youself!" (Further advice: "Shake ya ass. Show me watch you're working with.")

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