A resuable Django app for a Markdown WMD editor widget.
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Django WMD

Django WMD is a reusable Django application for a Markdown WMD editor. It consists of a widget, to be used on a textarea field, that will provide a JavaScript-based What You See Is What You Mean editor to assist in writing the Markdown markup language. A live preview is provided courtesy of Showdown.


Django WMD uses ChiperSoft's WMD, which is a fork of Open Library's WMD, which is a fork of Stackoverflow's WMD, which was reverse-engineered from the original WMD by John Fraser (who was abducted by aliens sometime in 2008). It's sort of an orgy of forking.

The included JavaScript is ChiperSoft's combined and minified version of WMD and Showdown.


  1. Put the wmd directory somewhere inside your Python path (like in your Django project folder).
  2. Add wmd to your settings.INSTALLED_APPS.


To add the WMD widget to a field in the Django admin, first create a ModelForm. Your application's forms.py is probably a good place to put it. In this example, I'll assign the widget to the body field of myapp.models.Post.

from django import forms
from myapp.models import Post
from wmd.widgets import WMDWidget

class PostForm(forms.ModelForm):
    body = forms.CharField(widget=WMDWidget)
    class Meta:
        model = Post

Then tell Django to use the ModelForm on the admin site.

from myapp.forms import PostForm

class PostAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin):
    form = PostForm
admin.site.register(Post, PostAdmin)


The widget currently takes one option: large. If set to true, this will make the widgetized textarea larger than usual. This is much nicer for writing lengthy content, such as blog posts.

An example:

class PostForm(forms.ModelForm):
    body = forms.CharField(widget=WMDWidget(large=True)