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These are simple bash scripts I use to exfiltrate and infiltrate data from my phone. They are small wrappers around rsync, which I use on my phone thank to SSHelper.

I place a low amount of trust in my phone. There is only a small amount of data on it that I care about. Things like photos, which are no good until they're moved off the phone. And some config files, which make it quicker to get things running after a reset or on a new device. Remembering which arcane paths I care about is a pain. This script simply stores these paths in an array and rsyncs them to my computer.

I don't pretend to understand how Android works. I feel stupidier every time I attempt to understand how data is supposed to be stored and the permission issues with different directories and SD cards. What I have discovered is that I can create an Android/data/com.arachnoid.sshelper directory on the SD card, and that SSHelper will then have permission to do whatever it wants within there. This means I can run rsync with options like --delete or even SSH in to that directory and -- for a short period of time -- fool myself into thinking I'm on a real computer. I treat that directory as my home dir. This script lets me sync directories from my computer into this special directory on the phone. I use it to transfer music.


Simple bash scripts to exfiltrate and infiltrate data from Android



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