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Add a bookmark to Pinboard. The URL may be given via standard input, as an argument, or copied from the clipboard.

I frequently want to bookmark a URL in Pinboard while not logged in. Maybe I'm in my primary browser but my Pinboard cookie has expired. Maybe I'm in a disposable browser where I'm not logged in to any accounts. Maybe I'm not in a browser at all, but someone sent me a link via email or a chat application. By binding this script to a keystroke, I can easily add a bookmark in any of these scenarios.


  • xdotool is used to get the name of the window currently under the mouse pointer (to be used as the default bookmark name).
  • xclip is used to get the URL out of the clipboard.


  1. Buy a Pinboard account.
  2. Export your Pinboard user name $PINBOARD_USER and your Pinboard API key as $PINBOARD_KEY.
  3. There is no step 3.


I bind the script via sxhkd. The script uses interactive input, so rather than calling it directly, I execute it via a terminal (in my case termite, but any will do).

# ~/.config/sxhkd/sxhkdrc
super + d
    termite --title pinit -e ~/bin/

I use the i3 window manager. Because I gave the terminal a window title, I can tell i3 to float that window.

# ~/.config/i3/config
for_window [title="pinit"] floating enable

Now when I want to bookmark a URL I'll copy it to my clipboard and hit super + d.