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These are miscellaneous helpers and system administration scripts.

Use rofi to present a choice of browser with which to open the given URL.

Display Khal events and Taskwarrior tasks. I bind this to a floating window in i3 in order to get a quick overview of what I should be doing.

# ~/.config/i3/config
for_window [title="^taskwin$"] floating enable
bindsym $mod+t exec termite --title taskwin --geometry=800x600 -e ~/bin/

A Bash script that mounts one or more EncFS volumes using passphrases that have been encrypted with GnuPG.

I have multiple EncFS volumes that need to be mounted as soon as I login. Each volume has a different passphrase. I don't want to have to type each passphrase every time I login. I also don't want to store the passphrases in clear-text on the machine (doing so would defeat the purpose of encrypting the volumes).

My solution is to create a text file that holds a single EncFS passphrase. This is done for every EncFS passphrase, and each file is then individually encrypted with GnuPG. This script then decrypts each EncFS passphrase file and mounts the EncFS volumes. Because gpg-agent(1) remembers the GnuPG passphrase, it only needs to be entered once. This works for both symmetric and asymmetric encryption.

Open an image in feh while allowing all other images in the directory to be viewed as well. Useful for file browsers.


A bash script to get new mail via OfflineImap.

If a continuously running OfflineImap process exists, the script will execute offlineimap once. If no process exists, the script will launch a continuously running OfflineImap process.

A Python script to calculate total memory usage.

This script merely totals the memory used by each process reported by PS(1) for the executing user and presents the result in a human-readable format.

It is useful for WebFaction users and those in a similar environment.

A bash script to dump bookmarks as JSON via Pinboard's API.

Check if a newer version of installed packages are available on PyPI.

Original Author: Artur Siekielski

License: MIT


Miscellaneous helpers and system administration scripts.



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