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Pigzbe App


Use node version 8.10.0 (the project supports nvm).

Use yarn to manage dependencies.

Install git-lfs brew install git-lfs (used to version larger game assets).

Install Android Studio if required.

Install react-native dependencies:

brew install watchman
yarn global add react-native-cli

Add a .env file to root of the project by copying .env.sample and customising as required.

Install project dependencies:


Install Mixpanel iOS libs:

brew install carthage
cd ios
carthage update
cd ios
carthage update
carthage build --platform iOS --configuration Debug

Build inline

make build-inline

Go into xcode and in Build settings > Always Embed Swidt Standard Libraries select YES

Link native dependencies:

react-native link
react-native link react-native-randombytes

build from xcode first time you build


Run iOS App with Webview

make run-ios

Run iOS App

yarn ios

Run iOS App in specific simulators

yarn ipad
yarn iphoneSE
yarn iphone8

Run Android App with Webview

make run-android

Run Android App

Open an Android simulator (or connect a physical device) before running. Configure and launch simulators from Android Studio > Tools > AVD Manager.

Create a file called in the android directory with the content sdk.dir = /users/{username}/Library/Android/sdk, subsituting {username} for your OS username. Common errors:

yarn android

Run Desktop App

yarn desktop


Storybook configuration and stories are in the /storybook directory. Add any new stories to /storybook/stories/ and require them in the loadStories function in /storybook/index.js.

Start storybook and then start a simulator (or physical device). Stories will run on the device, with the menu of stories loading in a browser window.

yarn storybook
yarn ios

Webview for kids game


cd webview
yarn build


# For development on an attached Android device allow access to port 8080
adb reverse tcp:8080 tcp:8080
adb reverse tcp:8081 tcp:8081

cd webview
yarn start


cd webview
yarn build
yarn android

To launch webview on browser, and device

make run-dev-android


make run-dev-ios

Build Release

in order to build the webview packaged inline, copy android files in the correct folders:

make build-ios-release
make build-android-release


Run Linter

yarn lint

Run Tests

yarn test
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