Create a Wifi Hotspot on a Raspberry Pi
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If you want something easier than a script, look at the dedicated distro that will build an up-to-date wifi hotspot. Look at this repository

What is Pi Hotspot

This project is the latest version of the tutorial created first on my blog Pi Home Server Created on a Raspberry Pi 2, some functionalities and tools where not available for the Raspberry Pi 3. Also the tutorial was a little bit difficult to implement because of too many steps. That's why i decided to create a script that will help you to build your own hotspot automatically.

Once the script is executed, you will get :

  • A Wifi hotspot using the integrated wifi chipset
  • A captive portal based on coovachilli
  • An authenticate control based on freeRadius
  • An interface for freeRadius based on daloRadius


What are the requirements ?

  • A Raspberry Pi 3
  • An ethernet cable
  • A power supply for the Raspberry Pi
  • A micro SD card with a raspbian-like OS installed. For this project i used minibian which is optimized for this project
  • An internet access of course


You just have to download the script, edit it to update it's parameters, execute and wait ... If the wifi on the Raspberry is not already configured, don't worry, the script will do it

  • Download the script with the following command
    git clone
  • Edit the script and update the first lines to define your own configuration (take care that an ethernet link is required)
  • Execute the script using the following command : sudo chmod +x && sudo ./

A log file named pihotspot.log will be created in the folder /var/log


Once installed use your favorite browser to connect to daloRadius installed on your Raspberry Pi. http://<mypi_ip>/daloradius The exact address will be displayed at the end of the script execution.


Please use input your requests or issues in the GIT repository

Any contribution is welcome !