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This is a prototype hovercraft for Unreal Engine 4 built in Blueprints.

Gameplay Video


Music by Michael Hughes

Playable Demo

Download and play the demo level:


This repository doesn't actually contain the necessary .uasset and .umap files to load the project. You will need to download an archive of the latest release below.

I'm currently using blimp, a utility I wrote for syncing large files to S3 alongside a git repo. It is neither a true git plugin nor does it integrate with UE4, meaning you can't currently diff uasset files using the editor. I will look into setting up an open source Perforce repository, though I would like to figure out a way to manage the project with github.

Project Source & Installation

I haven't determined the best way to open source a codebase with large binaries, so for now I'm just archiving and tagging releases:

Usage & Configuration

Once you've loaded the project, you should be able to select the Hovercraft blueprint and migrate it to another project from the context menu.

Caveats & Issues

There are several issues at this stage, collisions being the most apparent. Other problems include but are not limited to:

  • Sputtering while idling (antigrav)
  • Friction values
  • Physics object impact forces

Collision Bugs

I plan to take a second pass on collisions for the next release.

  • The math for the collisions feels like it is definitely wrong, being overly complex and unintelligible
  • The collider is misshapen and it's possible that the components hierarchy is flawed
  • There is a rotation effect that occurs during a collision that can cause looping revolutions


  • Better version control
  • Fix Collisions
  • Add jump/vertical thrust limits
  • Add sound effects
  • Parameterize and document all variables
  • Better blueprint export/import workflow
  • Animate the hull during impact
  • Add surface particle effects
  • Simulated physics implementation using forces instead of translation


  • Fork the repo
  • Download the project source
  • Make some changes on a feature branch
  • Issue a pull request and we'll figure it out from there


Released under the MIT License