load generator which simulates write-heavy database workloads
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This tool generates a 100% write I/O workload which simulates a write-heavy database workload. It streams a given pattern to a sequence of files, followed by an optional fsync(3C) after writing each file.


fsyncbomb [-cfqt] [-n num] [-s size]

-c: only create files, don't continuously write data
-f: fsync(3C) after every file write
-n: number of data files (default 10)
-q: quiet mode, suppress all output
-s: size of each data file (default 10m)
-t: files truncated before writing

If -c is specified, the tool will write each file and exit. If -c is not specified, the tool will run forever and loop over each file in order.


This tool has been tested on SmartOS (an illumos distribution provided by Joyent). It should work unmodified on other illumos distributions. In addition, given the simple nature of this program, it should work on other Unix platforms, as well as GNU/Linux.

This tool is a work in progress, and there is some duplicated code which can be refactored.

See Also

This tool was derived from iopattern (http://github.com/pijewski/iopattern). At some point, I may recombine the funcionality of both tools into one single tool. The arcstress tool (http://github.com/pijewski/arcstress) also shares some common elements.