manipulate SunOS extended file attributes
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node-fsattr - manipulate SunOS extended file attributes

This module allows its callers to create, modify, and delete extended file attributes on Solaris and Solaris-derived (i.e. illumos) platforms.

Extended attributes are a namespace of arbitrary files stored with each file, assuming the underlying filesystem supports extended attributes. ZFS is the main filesystem used on these platforms and supports extended attributes.


fsattr.put(file, attrFile, props, function (err) {

fsattr.get(file, attrFile, function (err, props) {
    // props is a JSON object

fsattr.del(file, attrfile, function (err) {

To keep things simple and cut down on complexity, the API accepts a JSON object per attribute file, stringify()s that JSON object, and writes it into the attribute file. Likewise, when getting properties from an attribute file, this module will JSON.parse() the attribute the file and return that object. Yes, other formats will work, but it isn't worth exposing that complexity in this API.

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As of April 2012, this module has been tested and verified to work on SmartOS, a distribution of illumos.

This module uses the runat(1) command to manipulate extended attributes; future work could involve a native add-on which uses the openat(2) and related interfaces.