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A fair and efficient, interactive, general-purpose
group-decision app

Current State & Next Steps

We are on our way towards a First Stable Release (want to help?).

  • A Minimal Viable Product (MVP) is finished since end of June.
  • Over the summer, we will use the MVP as a demonstrator to win contributors and testers, and to identify missing features for the First Stable Release (V1.0).

See here for possible use cases! And here's some gallery of screenshots.

A few of them also here:


About the Project

vodle is developed by the FutureLab on Game Theory and Networks of Interacting Agents at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, with contributions from the open-source community.

Once released, vodle will help groups make better decisions – fairer, more efficient, more consensus-oriented, interactive, and for free. Its underlying algorithm is based on thorough science and makes sure that all participants get the exact same influence on the decision, and that the power any faction receives is proportional to their size. This distinguishes vodle from almost every other voting app, where even a slight majority can make all the decisions. With vodle, a majority of 51% has only 51% power rather than 100%. In vodle, voters can give all options a "wap" from 0 to 100 or can choose to delegate their waps of an option to another voter they trust. Based on the waps, vodle will determine the winner in a fair, proportional, and efficient way.

It's all based on science: Main article | Earlier article

This page is mainly for potential contributors and other people interested in how vodle works under the hood.

We also have a Website for end users:

Built With

ionic angular typescript couchdb

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Getting Started

I simply want to use it!

Sadly, the app is not yet ready to be used (but you can do something about that).

Once the Minimal Viable Product is finished (May or June), you can simply go to to use vodle as a web app in your browser.

Later, when the First Stable Release is ready, you can alternatively install vodle as an app on your smartphone via certain app stores.

I want to learn about the project

You can read about the scientific basis for vodle in this research article.

Or you can simply talk to us by starting a new thread on our discussions page.

We are currently working towards improving this page to provide you with a detailed documentation of vodle's software architecture.

I want to set up a vodle database server for my group

While vodle can be used with our central database server, you can get improved performance and privacy if you set up your own database server to be used with vodle in your group. The vodle web app will guide you through the steps required for this. (You will mainly install a standard CouchDB Docker container on some machine that your group can access)

I may want to contribute

You are highly welcome to get involved in any of a number of ways! We have a whole page devoted to this here:

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  • See here for vodle's main license
  • See here for the licenses of 3rd-party components used

(C) Copyright 2015–2022 Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK), authors, and contributors, see AUTHORS.