Free, decentralized comment software for the web
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Interlocutor is a decentralized comment software built on matrix( as a Polymer Wecomponent, it is under active development and not ready for production use.

Moderation Features

Currently interlocutor supports upvotes and flags which are accesible to all users. By default a discussion loads the default moderation settings setup by the content provider. The settings page then allows a user to alter the default settings for comment visibility based on an upvote-threshold or a flag-kill-threshold. Trustred moderator-identities can be added or removed by a user (a moderator flagging a comment will cause it to disappear independent of flag-kill-threshold). User-local settings are persisted on a per discussion basis.

Use with a Polymer App

<link rel="import" href="../bower_components/interlocutor/interlocutor-app.html">


Use with a non-Polymer App

Run gulp to build a bundled interlocutor-app.html. Than import the "/build/bundled/interlocutor-app.html" file.


Pass a Matrix home-server-address to interlocutor.

Use an existing HomeServer such as the official one at or

For running your own homeserver see:


Under Development