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License cleanup
Additional unit test coverage
Separation of functional and unit tests
Use of mock in unit tests
Support for, confirm.selectok
Allow for keyed singletons for threaded use
Decrease overuse of @pika.log.method_call
Move connection.ConnectionState to frames module
Async Consumer implementation template
Behavioral refactor:
- Backwards incompatible change that drops Python 2.4, 2.5 support
- Adding Python 3 support
- Add support for new features in RabbitMQ 2.4.0
- Add SSL support
- Rework core data handling to support unicode
- Remove existing connection adapter system
- Implement new pattern for use, behavior based use focused on both
Asynchronous callback passing style and "Pythonic" development.
- Async:
- Merge existing connections into one connection system with IOLoop override
- Supporting internal IOLoop, tornado, twisted
- Pythonic:
- high-level blocking on synchronous AMQP commands
- Generator for receiving messages from Basic.Publish
- Both available from the same API calling same classes and methods
- API notation closer to AMQP spec for implementation:
- queue.delcare
- basic.publish
- basic.consume
- *.*Ok frames will only be passed back in CPS use, calling methods like
queue.declare will return a success indicator and attributes returned in
the Ok frame will be assigned to attributes of the class.
- basic.consume and basic.get will return a single object with a materialized
view of the Method, Header and Body frames.
- Build in support for specific broker types and pure AMQP 0-9-1.
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