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"""Base classes that are extended by low level AMQP frames and higher level
AMQP classes and methods.
class AMQPObject(object):
"""Base object that is extended by AMQP low level frames and AMQP classes
and methods.
NAME = 'AMQPObject'
def __repr__(self):
items = list()
for key, value in self.__dict__.iteritems():
if getattr(self.__class__, key, None) != value:
items.append('%s=%s' % (key, value))
if not items:
return "<%s>" % self.NAME
return "<%s(%s)>" % (self.NAME, items)
class Class(AMQPObject):
"""Is extended by AMQP classes"""
NAME = 'Unextended Class'
class Method(AMQPObject):
"""Is extended by AMQP methods"""
NAME = 'Unextended Method'
def _set_content(self, properties, body):
"""If the method is a content frame, set the properties and body to
be carried as attributes of the class.
:param pika.frame.Properties properties: AMQP Basic Properties
:param str|unicode body: The message body
self._properties = properties
self._body = body
def get_properties(self):
"""Return the properties if they are set.
:rtype: pika.frame.Properties
return self._properties
def get_body(self):
"""Return the message body if it is set.
:rtype: str|unicode
return self._body
class Properties(AMQPObject):
"""Class to encompass message properties (AMQP Basic.Properties)"""
NAME = 'Unextended Properties'
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