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Allow GPL 2 or later.

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1 parent d5c810b commit 6d8c6964de31f4a08398cc1c1bbe138e9ff59434 @majek majek committed Jun 20, 2011
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This package, Pika, an AMQP client library for use with RabbitMQ and
other AMQP servers, is licensed under the MPL, and may also be used
-under the terms of the GPL. For the MPL, please see
-LICENSE-MPL-Pika. For the GPL, please see LICENSE-GPL-2.0.
+under the terms of the GNU General Public License Version 2 or later
+(the "GPL"). For the MPL, please see LICENSE-MPL-Pika. For the GPL 2
+please see LICENSE-GPL-2.0.
If you have any questions regarding licensing, please contact us at

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