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A @pika/pack build plugin. Adds a Node.js distribution to your package, built & optimized to run on Node.js. If no other distribution is included with your package, many other tools & bundlers can understand this format as well.


# npm:
npm install @pika/plugin-build-node --save-dev
# yarn:
yarn add @pika/plugin-build-node --dev


  "name": "example-package-json",
  "version": "1.0.0",
  "@pika/pack": {
    "pipeline": [
      ["@pika/plugin-build-node", {}]

For more information about @pika/pack & help getting started, check out the main project repo.


  • "minNodeVersion" (Default: "6"): This plugin will build your package for the current minimum Node.js LTS major version. This option allows you to target later versions of Node.js only.


  1. Adds a Node.js distribution to your built package: dist-node/index.js
  2. Common.js (CJS) Module Syntax
  3. Transpiled to run on Node.js LTS (Currently, supports Node.js version v6+)
  4. Adds a "main" entrypoint to your built package.json manifest.