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A @pika/pack build plugin. Builds your package source as standard, ES2018 JavaScript. Supports TypeScript. Supports experimental language features via Babel.

Note: If your package is written in TypeScript, check out @pika/plugin-ts-standard-pkg which uses TypeScript internally to build your package instead of Babel.


# npm:
npm install @pika/plugin-standard-pkg --save-dev
# yarn:
yarn add @pika/plugin-standard-pkg --dev


  "name": "example-package-json",
  "version": "1.0.0",
  "@pika/pack": {
    "pipeline": [

For more information about @pika/pack & help getting started, check out the main project repo.


Unlike other build plugins, this plugin reads directly from your package src/ directory. Make sure your code exists in a src/ directory, with an src/index.js or src/index.ts file as the package entrypoint.

Other build plugins will depend on this standard ES2018 distribution, so include this plugin early in your build pipeline for others to use.

  1. Adds a modern ES2018 distribution to your built package: dist-src/
  2. TypeScript supported automatically.
  3. Experimental ESNext JavaScript features are handled via your existing Babel config (.babelrc or similar.)
  4. Adds an "esnext" entrypoint to your built package.json manifest.