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Build web applications with less tooling and 10x faster iteration. No bundler required.

npm install --save-dev snowpack
  1. Instead of bundling on every change, just run Snowpack once right after npm install.
  2. Snowpack re-installs your dependencies as single JS files to a new web_modules/ directory.
    ↣ Snowpack never touches your source code.
  3. Build your app, import those dependencies via an ESM import, and then run it all in the browser.
  4. Skip the bundle step and see your changes reflected in the browser immediately after hitting save.
  5. Keep using your favorite web frameworks and build tools! Babel & TypeScript supported.

πŸ’ More info at the official Snowpack website ➞


πŸ†• Check out snowpack-init! Instantly bootstrap a starter app with Snowpack + Preact, Lit-HTML, TypeScript, and more.

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