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Commits on Sep 23, 2012
  1. @vrotaru

    The '%' (mod) was missing in check_binop. So the following did not co…

    vrotaru authored
    module TestMod = struct
        val main : unit -> unit
        let main () = 
   (7 % 2);
            Print.newline ()
  2. @vrotaru

    Updating for llvm 3.1 and Ocaml 4.0

    vrotaru authored
    Part of the update is trivial, just changing the version numbers in configure script.
    Adapting to the type handling change in llv3 3.0 was a bit more involved, mostly because I needed to figure out what is happennig. But the change is rather simple 
    and straigthforward.
    The obsoleted command options for llvm opt are just commented out, because I'm
    not sure what their equivalents are.
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