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Commits on Oct 06, 2011
@niklasb niklasb adds syntax sugar for reading cookie values (fix #179) 341306f
@niklasb niklasb adapt wording of CookieJar specs (#179) f76bd70
Lake Denman Fix typo f82d661
Commits on Oct 13, 2011
@sdelano sdelano tests for unsupported content headers 06a4e95
@sdelano sdelano set unsupported content response headers 62e0ec1
Commits on Oct 14, 2011
@halogenandtoast halogenandtoast Update Gemfile.lock 93a131a
@halogenandtoast halogenandtoast Merge pull request #186 from ldenman/master
Fix typo
@jferris jferris Refactor Connection b4708b2
@niklasb niklasb removes useless block ce198ab
@niklasb niklasb restructure specs for CookieJar. Adds specs for #find method 3bce3d7
@halogenandtoast halogenandtoast Only allow process that started server to shut it down. 3eb366e
@rectalogic rectalogic Ignore SSL errors. 053010a
@rectalogic rectalogic Fix slot signature. 9cfc6b1
@rectalogic rectalogic Make ignoring SSL errors an option.
webkit_server takes an --ignore-ssl-errors argument.
@niklasb niklasb adds Ruby-side configuration options and specs for ignoring SSL errors. a08e5e8
@niklasb niklasb kill HTTPS server after usage, don't pollute STDOUT d348e20
@niklasb niklasb really shutdown test HTTPS server. bb80506
@niklasb niklasb IO.popen doesn't take Array argument in Ruby 1.8.7
refs #176
@niklasb niklasb fixes wrongly used call to `Socket#shutdown`
refs #176
@niklasb niklasb remove call to `Socket#shutdown`
refs #176
@gabebw gabebw Remove some unused global variables. b4faa3a
@niklasb niklasb add option to set an HTTP proxy 25281b7
@niklasb niklasb close socket after test e442150
@niklasb niklasb fixes wrongly used call to `Socket#shutdown` 6a4143c
@niklasb niklasb remove call to `Socket#shutdown` 229a20e
@halogenandtoast halogenandtoast Clean up proxy interface 93bfcf6
Commits on Oct 21, 2011
@mike-burns mike-burns Merge branch 'cookies-sugar' of… 714d880
@halogenandtoast halogenandtoast Set viewport size so overflow hidden doesn't always hide content 8d2251d
Commits on Oct 31, 2011
@ngauthier ngauthier retry a command up to 3 times after a WebkitInvalidResponseError 0e303fd
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