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Ludum Dare 29. Contributors:

  • Arne Roomann-Kurrik
  • Kalev Roomann-Kurrik
  • Wes Goodman

Theme: "Beneath the surface"


  • Come up with idea.
  • Main game loop.
  • Level loading.
  • Vertical level switching.
  • Music loading.
  • Player movement.
  • Collision detection.
  • Water tracking / gauge.
  • Items.
  • Pump item type and pump events.
  • Menus.
  • Load player sprite sheet.
  • Triggers for running over items and transition tiles.
  • Destructable item framework.
  • Health bar.
  • Show picked up items.
  • End state.
  • Splash screen.
  • Level tiles for dry, partial, drowned levels.
  • Sound effects.
  • Snorkel.
  • Pickaxe and barrier tiles.
  • Pump tile.
  • Map work.


  • Ground.

  • Change over time.

  • Digging holes, top down, holes have different depths, can only go adjacent levels.

  • Submarine.

  • Underground pathways.

  • More depth than initially expected.

  • Tremors the game.

  • Character that has to duck out of the way.

  • Revealing something about NPCs.

  • Tremors from monster's point of view.

    • NPCs on rocks, running to some goal.
    • Can go around rocks, eat NPCs if you touch them.
    • Need to wait for them to expose themselves.
    • Pathfinding with preferences to stay on rock.
  • Dungeon, go deeper.

  • Motivations for going beneath the surface:

    • Escape from surface
    • Escape from below
  • Well Idea:

    • Start at the top of a well.
    • Raining.
    • Climb down and levels strip away.
    • Need to find a way down.
    • Powerup items: Move faster, hold breath longer, etc.
    • Well starts to fill with water, so you need to be fast.
    • Can return to top of well to pump water out.
    • Need to get to bottom to get more loot.
    • Further down, better loot.
    • Levels fill with water slowly, eventually you hold your breath, take damage, etc.


Complete the setup steps for the twodee lib.


go get -u


git submodule init
git submodule update